Captain Janeway’s Buns of Steel

We all know there are three ways to do anything: the right way, the wrong way, and the Janeway. I’d follow Janeway to the Delta Quadrant any day. She’s an open book, after all. You can tell exactly how serious any situation is by the messiness of her bun. As long as the The Bun is sill intact, everything is going to be just fine.

Today, we’ll be taking a page from the book of Voyager’s captain and working on our “buns.”

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Captain Janeway’s Buns of Steel Workout


Tube walking, about 20 strides/leg

30-second side plank with hip abduction (raised top leg), 2/side

25 floor bridge hip drops

Floor bridge single-leg extensions, 10/side

Buns of Steel:

Assisted pistol squats, 10/side – unless you’re a BAMF who can do them unassisted!

Weighted floor bridge hip thrusts , 20-15-10 (go progressively heavier)

Barbell squats, 5X5 (heavy)

Leg press, 20-15-10 (progressively heavier)

Weighted walking lunges, 10/side (moderately heavy)

Seated hip abduction, 3X10 (moderately heavy)

Stability ball hamstring curls , 3X25


Fast treadmill walk or slow job, incline of at least 6 – BACKWARDS.


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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