Link’s Heart Container Workout

In the original Legend of Zelda , Link can end up with a total of 16 heart containers. Who doesn’t remember the satisfaction of nabbing the last heart in that second row of 8?

This workout is cardio focused, for obvious reasons. :D There is a different move for each heart container, corresponding to the actions necessary for obtaining each heart.

Original 3 Heart Containers

Do three of each of the following: Burpees, jumping jacks, jab-cross-hook. Repeat twice, 3X total.

Dungeon Heart Containers (8)

1.  Aquamentus: Killing this dragon takes 6 hits of the wooden sword. Let’s throw at full health: 3 medicine ball throws on each arm – run after it, grab it, and bring it back to the start.

2. Dodongo: Bombs away – 2 bomb drops: sand bag sprint and drop, 2 over each shoulder. Another weight will work, just make sure it doesn’t hurt the floor!

3. Manhandla: Bombs or wooden sword will kill this one. Let’s do both. 4 bombs, 1 for each claw, and one final sword strike: 4 sand bag drops and one medicine ball downward slam.

4. Gleeok #1: Dragon with 2 heads - it takes 8 wooden sword hits/head, and you have to dodge the flying ghost heads: Run two circuits around the room with a medicine ball, stopping in each corner to slam it into the ground (2 times each for a total of 8). Repeat, running in the other direction.

5. Digdogger: You need the whistle to break him into 3 mini-digdoggers. Each mini takes 4 slashes with the white sword: 12 jump squats.

6. Gohma: Red takes 1 arrow through the eye; Blue requires 3. Let’s make it 4 arrow shots, just to be safe. 4 inverted rows, 3X.

7. Aquamentus #2: 2 hits with the magical sword, which you should now have. (Was anyone else caught off guard the first time by how easy this was for such a late-in-the-game boss fight?) 2 heavier medicine ball throws/shoulder. Run, fetch, repeat.

8. Gleeok #2: 4 heads this time, each takes 2 hits per head with the magical sword. Jab-cross-hook 4X.

Overworld Heart Containers (5)

( Source )

1. Bomb a rock: 10 medicine ball chest passes into wall

2. Stepladder: Agility ladder move of choice or 20 side to side jumps over cones

3. Raft: Fisherman’s carry – grab 2 heavy weights (plates, dumbbells, kettlebells) and walk in a circle around the room/gym. Repeat in the other direction.

4. Bomb another rock: 10 more medicine ball chest throws into wall

5. Burn a bush: Fire under your ass – high knees, 1 minute!

Congrats, Link. You’ve earned your 16 heart containers. If desired, repeat 1-2X.


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