Mario Bros. Ensemble Workouts: Luigi

If I wanted us to do some deep thinking here, I’d launch into a discussion about how it might feel to go through life as the proverbial Player 2. But I’m no Jack Handey, so I’ll just let you ponder Luigi’s plight on your own.

I will say this, though – I think Luigi’s shadow complex might finally be catching up with him. Check out this death stare .

Luigi’s special abilities usually involve jumping. In Super Mario Bros.: the Lost Levels , he jumps higher and further than Mario. In Super Mario Bros. 2 , he jumps the highest out of all four player options (although it’s not quite as cool as ). In Super Mario World GBA, he scuttle jumps. Consequently, Luigi’s workout consists mainly of jumping and running.

The Luigi Workout

In Super Mario Galaxy, you need 120 power stars in order to unlock Luigi. This workout is sets of 120 different jumps, a homage to Luigi’s jumping abilities.

Warm-up with a 2-3 minute jog

Round 1

20 long jumps

20 backwards long jumps

20 jump squats

20 side tuck jumps (10/side)

20 lunge jumps (10/side)

20 skip jumps (10/side)

Round 2

Repeat Round 1, holding weights.

Round 3

Repeat Round 1, add 5 burpees in between each set of jumps.

Cool down with a slow jog.


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