Mario Bros. Ensemble Workouts: Wario

Wario is hulky, with plenty of upper body strength for pummeling and bomb-throwing. Let’s work the upper body like we have a Mario Party competition coming up.

The Wario Workout

For each of the following upper body supersets, do 5 (heavy) reps of the first move immediately followed by 10 reps of the second. If you want an extra challenge, complete the superset 3 times in a row before moving on. If you need a little more rest in between, complete all supersets and then repeat the circuit twice.

Bench press/pushups (regress pushups by kneeling, or progress them by adding an unstable surface)

Bent over rows (dumbbell or barbell)/body weight rows

Barbell skullcrushers/bench dips

Barbell bicep curls/reverse grip body weight rows

Dumbbell bench flyes /fly pushups (pushup to predominantly one side, then the other

Lat pulldown/pull-ups (assisted if needed)

Rope extension/triceps pushups

Dumbbell hammer curls/Inside grip chin-ups


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