Mario Bros. Ensemble Workouts: Yoshi

Here’s Yoshi! I didn’t have a super NES growing up, so my Super Mario World experience was limited to friends’ houses and international flights. Yep – back in the mid-90s, a lot of Singapore Airlines planes included a Nintendo option with each seat’s personal TV. There was even a little controller to go along with it. When my family lived overseas, these flights were a pretty regular occurrence and I always hoped like crazy that our plane would have these. Made those 20-30 hours fly right by.

Funny… at all? No? Okay, back to Yoshi.

The Yoshi Workout

Yoshi is green but comes in a few different colors on star road: red, yellow, and blue. Red Yoshi spits fireballs, Blue grows wings and flies, and Yellow shakes the ground when landing a jump. Green Yoshi can do all these actions while holding a shell of the corresponding color. With a rainbow shell from a Kamikaze Koopa, Yoshi has all three abilities.

Gym Version

Blue Yoshi (flying muscles) – 10 dumbbell flyes, 10 reverse dumbbell flyes

Yellow Yoshi (heavy landing) – 10 barbell squats, 10 barbell or hex bar deadlifts

Red Yoshi – (fireballs) “balls to the wall” – throw a moderately heavy medicine ball at several spots on the wall. Repeat to burnout.

Repeat 2-3X. If you want to go heavier with the weights, you can decrease the number of reps.

Kamikaze Koopa Shell (dashing shell) – treadmill sprints: 1 minute slower, 30 seconds sprinting, 20 minutes or as long as desired

Home Version

Blue Yoshi – 20 flying pushups (do on elevated surface if you need to!)

Yellow Yoshi – 20 star jumps (cross between jumping jack and a jump squat)

Red Yoshi – 20 donkey kicks (both legs, quick)

Kamikaze Koopa Shell – one of each (pushup -> star jump -> donkey kick) X10

Repeat 4X


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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