The Archer

This workout has a move for every Archer character. For some of them, it was a bit of a challenge to think of characteristics that didn’t require the NSFW label – this show is crazy! Cracks me up, though. Enjoy.

The Archer Workout

Archer’s drinking and black-outs – Left dumbbell hammer curl, right dumbbell hammer curl, dumbbell burpee-pushup (10X)

Lana’s thigh-high boots – 6-10 leg presses, heavy

Malory’s micromanagerial whip-cracking – 45 seconds of battle rope waves

Pam’s dolphin puppet mediation – 10 dolphin pushups

Cyril’s on-the-run employee evaluation – 8 sprints across the room

Cheryl’s “gluing up” – 5 barbell or dumbbell high rows, heavy

Babou the Ocelot’s prowling – Plank walk twice across the room

Ray’s bionic legs – Weighted walking lunges, 20/side

Woodhouse’s despondent shuffle – 8 side shuffles across the room

Krieger’s “magic breath strips” – 1 minute side plank with raised leg, 1/side

Repeat 3X


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.