The Battlestar Galactica (“33″)

You’re being pursued by Cylons and must jump every 33 minutes . Begin with a jump – 10 jump squats or long jumps. Next, set your timer for 33 minutes and complete the following circuit as many times as possible before time is up. Weight should be challenging but not too heavy for multiple circuits. Reduce if necessary. When 33 minutes have passed, finish with a final jump – 10 more jump squats or long jumps.

Roslin’s Arrow of Apollo – dumbbell archer rows, 10/side

Starbuck’s double-fisting – dumbbell hammer curls, 10/side

Adama’s steadiness – 30-second wall sit

Caprica Six’s legs – lunges, 15/leg

Apollo’s (kinetic) chain of command – 30-second plank

Tigh’s blackouts – 10 floor dives

Gaius Baltar’s nervous fidgeting – 20 explosive calf raises

Anders’s Pyramid Championship – 10 pyramid (triceps) pushups

Centurion lasers – 20 medicine ball wall slams

“Lay down your burdens” – 30-second rest

Good luck, Galactica crew. Happy hunting for Earth.


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