The ‘Council of Nine’ – the South Park variety

One of my favorite South Park multi-parters is the “Imaginationland” Trilogy. The “Council of Nine” is made up of leaders from Imaginationland: Aslan, Gandalf, Glinda, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Morpheus, Popeye, Wonder Woman, and Zeus. (Zeus, incidentally, was on the original “Council of Nine” in Greek mythology. That council might get their own workout another day.

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Let’s help our Council of Nine (and Butters) fight off the evil imaginary characters from behind the wall. Each member has a different exercise.

Aslan – Thaw out your frozen allies: Warm up with 20 walking lunges and 10 arm circles in each direction

Gandalf – Fly on an eagle: 10 dumbbell or machine flyes

Glinda – Float around on your bubble: 25 stability (Swiss) ball crunches

Jesus – Walk on water: 5 minutes on the rowing machine or 1-minute plank on 4 medicine balls 2X

Luke Skywalker – Run around with Yoda on your back: Pick up the heaviest weight plates you can, one in each hand, and run around the gym/room with them 3X

Morpheus – Hover in mid-air in the Matrix: 1 minute plank, optional addition of forearm to hand raises

Popeye – Flex those forearms: 10 barbell or dumbbell preacher curls

Wonder Woman – Swing that Lasso of Truth: 30 seconds of battle rope waves, followed by throwing the tiara: 20 medicine ball wall slams

Zeus – Throw your lightning bolts at mortals who displease you: 20 box jumps with medicine ball slams (jump up onto the platform holding the ball, then slam the ball once you are at the top)

Repeat 3X.


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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