The ‘Layers of the Earth’

Earth’s basic layers are the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. Well hi there, third grade geology. (I was almost typed “oh hai,” but… no. LOLspeak isn’t a good look on me.) The layers of our planet are inspiration for today’s workout.

Expertly drawn to astrogeological scale.

The ‘Layers of the Earth’ Workout

You’ll be doing quadruple reps of each exercise, each one a little more difficult than the last. Take your time. A “2-2” count means a full count of 2 on the positive push (concentric); likewise on the negative push (eccentric). On the fourth rep, there’s an extra 2 thrown in there – that means to hold it in place (isometric) in between the positive and negative pushes.

Rep 1-Crust: Halfway through and back

Rep 2-Mantle: 2-2 count, full extension

Rep 3-Outer core: 2-3 count, full extension

Rep 4-Inner core: 3-2-4 count, full extension

Here are some basic movement suggestions, but you can use this format and apply it to your own exercises. Consider trying this quadruple rep style with slower counts on a bunch of different moves. You can do the machines or body weight, or you can get crazy and superset (chest presses followed by pushups, etc.)

Do 10 quadruple reps of each move, 5 if you’re supersetting.


Chest press

Lat pulldown

Bicep curls

Triceps extension

Squat machine

Hamstring curl

Body weight


Pull-ups (assisted if necessary) or bar rows

Bar chin-ups (horizontal)

Triceps pushups

Pistol squats or regular squats

Now, come back up through the layers – repeat circuit 1X and reverse the order of reps.


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