The Mario 3 Suits Workout

I posted a different Mario 3 workout a while ago, but that one is meant to be done while playing the game. No NES required for this one – it’s just inspired by the suits and power ups of the game. Enjoy.

The Mario 3 Suits Workout

Some suit moves have two choices: A and B. The A option is closer to a basic Stronglifts workout, and you’ll want to complete up to 5 sets with the barbell. For the B option, do 3 sets. If you do the barbell moves, you’ll probably want to do the sets back to back. The others can be done back to back or in a circuit.

Tanooki Suit – Become a statue – 60 second plank, 30 second side planks

Fire flower – Hit the fireball-throwing muscles – A: Bench press for 5 heavy reps or B: 12-15 floor bridge dumbbell chest presses

Leaf/Raccoon Suit – Prepare for keeping that tail in motion – A: 5 barbell squats followed by ALAP wall sit or B: 12-15 dumbbell/kettlebell squats (use stability ball against the wall for assistance if you want) followed by 1 minute wall sit

Frog Suit – Strengthen your swimming muscles – A: 5 barbell overhead/military presses or B: 12 dumbbell lateral raises

Hammer Suit – Get ready to throw some hammers – A: 5 barbell bicep curls or B: 12-15 dumbbell hammer curls.

Kuribo’s Shoe/Star Power – Cardio drills. If you’re doing all sets back to back, do these after finishing all sets of one movement. If you’re doing a circuit, do these after completing one set of each exercise.

Start at one end of the room and do long jumps to the other side. Do 20 star jumps (jump squat -> to jumping jack). Do long jumps back to the other side.


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