The Pangea

Pangea the Supercontinent (doesn’t it sound like a superhero?) formed about 300 million years ago and broke after about 100 million years. Sad that those land masses called it quits, but the supercontinent still lasted 506.9 million times as long as Kim Kardashian’s last marriage.

Sorry, that was too easy. *Readjusts joke bar*

There were three breakup phases of Pangea, and each of those will be a part of our workout. “Split” means switch off between the exercises listed in the phase. Finish all sets of each phase before moving to the next.

1. Breakup #1 : Pangea split into Laurasia (lower body) and Gondwana (upper body)

Upper/lower body split: 5 barbell squats/5 pull-ups or chin-ups (assisted if necessary, weighted for progression). Do one 5 squats followed by 5 pull-ups, and switch off. 5 sets, heavy.

2. Breakup #2 : Gondwana split into Africa, South America, India, Antarctica, and Australia

Upper body split: 6-8 each of triceps extensions, overhead presses, bicep curls, chest presses, rows. 3 sets, moderate-heavy.

3. Breakup #3 : North America and Greenland split from Eurasia, Australia split from Antarctica

Lower body split: 8 hip abduction + adduction, 10/side weighted walking lunges. 3 sets, moderate-heavy.

In honor of Pangea’s approximately 100 million years as a supercontinent, finish with 100 cardio drill reps. 20 each of jump squats, mountain climbers, star jumps, snowboard jumps, and battle rope waves.


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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