The ‘Phantom Tollbooth’

A workout for Milo, who has plenty of time.

The Phantom Tollbooth Workout

Pass through the Tollbooth and talk to the Whether Man in the Land of Expectations: 1 minute plank

Fight your way out of the Doldrums: 10 burpees

Meet Tock, the Watchdog: 360-degree pushup – 12 pushups in a circle, one for every hour. Arms move, feet stay in center.

Watch the Dictionopolis marketplace crash into a jumble of letters: 10 floor dives

Meet Faintly Macabre, the “which” and letter hoarder: Weight assembly – run and grab 5-6 weights, throw them in a pile, and then take them back one at a time. (Body weight option: 15 crunches.)

Dine on a “square meal” with Azaz: 10 wide angle pushups – hands and feet spread as far as possible

Float with Alec Bings: 30-second side plank/side, top arm and leg extended

Accidentally conduct 7 sunrises before Chroma wakes up: 7 side-to-side Russian twists

Break the Soundkeeper’s walls: 10 overhead slams with sand bag or other weight of choice

Unwittingly jump to (the Island of) Conclusions: 10 long jumps

Meet the Dodecahedron’s 12 faces: 360-degree pushup – 12 pushups in a circle. This time feet move in a circle while arms stay in the center.

Reach fork in road with 3 possible paths, find out none lead to Digitopolis: 3 lunges/side, 3X (9/side total)

Feast on subtraction stew with the Mathemagician: 10 squats, 9 squats, 8 squats… down to 1

Get sidetracked by the Terrible Trivium, the “demon of petty tasks and worthless jobs, ogre of wasted effort, monster of habit:” 1 minute plank

Repeat entire circuit 1X before heading up to the castle in the air.

Climb to the Castle in the Air and rescue Rhyme and Reason: 5 minutes on the stairmaster or 20 times up and down a staircase. If you want to do the full “2000 steps” up to the castle for a longer cardio session, go ahead!


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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