The Pumpkin Circuit

It’s the last day of November, so I thought some of you might be getting ready to put those Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkins out to pasture.

If you’ve ever seen an orange medicine ball before, you may have thought, “Hey, that looks like a pumpkin! ”

But… have you ever seen a pumpkin and thought, “Hey, that looks like a medicine ball!”? Well, here’s your chance. This is a quick circuit you can do outside with that pumpkin before it goes into the woods or compost heap… assuming it’s not rotten yet, of course! If it is, save this one for next Halloween.

The Pumpkin Circuit

10 walkover pushups – Put one hand on the pumpkin and the other on the ground, do a pushup, and walk your hands over so that the opposite hand is on the pumpkin. Do 10/side.

1 minute wall sit – Hold the pumpkin in your lap as you hold a wall sit. For an extra kick, hold the pumpkin over your head.

20 core twists – Sit with your knees up and hold the pumpkin at your chest. Using your oblique, twist from side to side.

10 triceps pushups – Put your hands together on the pumpkin and come down into a pushup.

20 air squats – Hold the pumpkin at your chest and squat. Make sure you come down far enough! Your glutes should be below your knees.

1 minute of mountain climbers – Put your hands on the pumpkin and do mountain climbers.

15 lunges – Balance your back foot on the pumpkin and pulse. 15/side.

10 sumo squats – Hold the pumpkin between your legs (by the stem) and squat with a wide stance.

Repeat twice, or set a stopwatch for 20-30 minutes and see how many circuits you can do.

Goodbye, fall!


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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