The T-Rex Workout: Flex for those who can’t.

If you’re having a bad day, go to Google Images and type in “T-Rex arms.”

You’re welcome.

In honor of our friend T-Rex, let’s do an upper body/arm workout.

The T-Rex Workout

Round 1 : 10 reps of each, 3X.

Shoulders 1 – Wall handstand-pushups or walkups

Biceps 1 – Chin-ups (Regular, assisted, or weighted)

Triceps 1 – Dips (Regular, assisted, or weighted)

Round 2 : 6-8 reps of each, 3X back to back. Heavy.

Shoulders 2 – Overhead (military) barbell press

Biceps 2 – Barbell curls

Triceps 2 – Barbell skull-crushers

Round 3 : 12-15 reps of each, 3X back to back. Lighter weight, slower reps.

Shoulders 3 – Dumbbell lateral raises

Biceps 3 – Dumbbell hammer curls

Triceps 3 – Dumbbell kickbacks


Part inner nerd and part aspiring jock. Mostly inner nerd, though.

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