The X-Y-Z Axes

Today’s workout is inspired by the X, Y, and Z axes on a graph:

A few days ago, we talked a little about different dimensions . Today we’re only doing moves to represent dimensions 1 through 3 which, not surprisingly, is much easier!

The X-Y-Z Axes Workout

Each X represents 1 dimension, while Y represents 2D and Z represents 3D.

X1: Weighted lunge walk in a straight line, down and back

Y1: 15 square pushups (hands and legs spread), 3-2-1 count (3 seconds down, hold for 2, up for 1)

Z1: 25 box jumps

X2: Side squat walk in a straight line, down and back (lead with opposite leg on the way back)

Y2: 1-minute side plank with top leg and arm extended (1 minute/side)

Z2: 25 burpees

X3: Frog jumps in a straight line, down the room and back

Y3: 2 minutes of square jumps , 1 minute in each direction

Z3: 20 pistol squats (10/side) or 5X5 barbell squats

Repeat entire circuit 2X.


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